Monday, January 17, 2011

sleep good - strange vacations c25

Sleep Good - Strange Vacations c25
edition of 30
Dark Mom 001

hello internet! i am really, really pleased to announce the first release on dark mom.  this first tape is from sleep good, an amazing dream pop band from austin, tx led by will patterson. 

side a is full of tight, late-era Beatles baroque pop jams, while side b is a 10 minute synth zone/zen out.  

awesome tropical/farmer's market artwork by rae.  handmade and rad to the bone!

paypal $6 to for your copy. this is an edition of 30, so act quickly!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

there's a forest on the ocean floor

hello internet

i really think you should check out this girl's music because it's totally sweet.  all i know about her is that she lives in canada and writes rad songs.  i'd really like to release something of hers, but i'm not sure how to even contact her.  anyhow, check her stuff out at  it's pretty amazing.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

coming soons...

hi there!

we're dark mom tapes!  we're gonna put out some super rad music!  really soon!

some bio:
-based in beautiful asheville, north carolina
-we really love music
-committed to helping musicians release their sounds consistently and creatively

upcoming releases:
la voron "lizard future" cassette - broken hip hop beats and bedroom psych jams recorded in durham, nc, moscow, and all the headspaces in between

curtains "vermont"  cassette - two sidelong ambient meditations based on journeys and dreams

secret secret "winters" cassette - detuned drone destinations

and many more in the works!  stay tuned!